Announcing Sesame

Back in late 2021 I was discussing plans for 2022 with a friend. We had both spent the year working on personal game projects, but were itching to implement an idea that we’d been discussing for many years…

A super-simple password manager

Now, there are a lot of password managers (I have 25 installed on my phone), which means lots of competition. And many existing password managers are really very good. In fact, we use 1Password and LastPass ourselves.

So why re-invent the wheel?

A Hidden Market

Even though most of the tech-savvy people we know use a password manager themselves, everyone could tell us a story of a parent, friend or colleague who was managing their passwords the old-fashioned way.

Which is to say they weren’t managing them at all.

It turns out that for many people a password manager is way too complicated and cumbersome. An arms-race between competitors in this crowded market has favoured products that are bursting with features that appeal to the nerd of the family but which regular moms and dads just don’t need.

The Problems

There are really only a few password problems that moms and dads have:

  • Choose a strong password for me, but make it memorable and easy to type.
  • And give me a different password for every website and app.
  • Store all of these passwords securely so nobody else can access them.
  • But make it easy for me to view all of my passwords whenever I want.

We think we’ve solved these problems, and we’d love for you to take a look!

Building the MVP

We are currently finishing a four-week build sprint as part of Startup School, and plan to launch Sesame on the App Store and Google Play Store soon.

Please visit and subscribe to our waitlist and we’ll let you know when we launch!