Better Passwords for Regular People



Open Sesame to quickly view all of your passwords. No need to write them down or use the same password everywhere.


Sesame creates your passwords for you, making sure they are strong, easy to remember and simple to enter.


All of your information is encrypted and protected with six magic words that are chosen for you and known only to you.

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Tested on Moms and Dads

We created Sesame for our own parents, but we all know somebody who uses the same weak password everywhere, or who keeps a list of passwords written down. Traditional password managers are too much hassle for them to use. Sesame keeps things simple, making it perfect for non-technical users who want to start using better passwords.

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Private and Encrypted

Sesame uses six magic words that are known only to you to generate all your other passwords, which means it doesn't need to store anything on a server. Everything stays safely on your own device, where it is encrypted and protected with biometric security. But, most importantly, Sesame is fast and simple. The perfect password solution for everyone.

As Easy as Paper

With no complex features for geeks, Sesame keeps things fast and simple.


Sesame launches quickly, and finding the password you want to use is a breeze. Open Sesame, view your password and type it in. Done!


Passwords are chosen by Sesame to be easy to remember and simple to enter. Just view a password and quickly type it in.


All passwords are by default equivalent to 48-bit cryptographically secure random numbers, with other strength options available.


Always on your device, so always with you, wherever you may be. No need to hunt for a notebook or search through a spreadsheet.

Sesame is the simple password solution for everyone.

For iPhone and Android.